Today’s Sermon: “… WAKE UP! …” 2021 – YouTube ✠Jerome Lloyd

Today’s Sermon: “… WAKE UP! …” 2021 – YouTube ✠Jerome Lloyd, First Sunday of Advent

Advent Special #1: How to Prepare for the Second Coming | LITTLE BY LITTLE w/Fr Columba Jordan CFR – YouTube

With Advent starting this Sunday, Fr Columba looks at how we can use this Advent — not just to prepare

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The 4 Horsemen of Meaning | Bishop Barron, John Vervaeke, and Jonathan Pageau | JBP Podcast S4: E60 – YouTube

Jordan Peterson, Bishop Barron, John Vervaeke, and Jonathan Pageau have a round table to explore ideas and theories of Meaning.

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Jordan Peterson cries talking about Jesus Christ (short clip) – YouTube

What is Silence? Conversations With The Last Hermit Of Ireland – YouTube

Father David Jones is a Hermit living in a house on his own in Ireland. He is fluent in over

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Green Mosul project to plant 5000 trees in war-torn Iraqi city | Crux

ROME – When Omar Mohammed opened the blog Mosul Eye in 2014, his intention was to keep the world informed

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Alasdair MacIntyre on human dignity: Summary, analysis, and comments – Catholic World Report

I strongly sympathize with MacIntyre’s general theme that the notion of human dignity is more problematic and less interesting than

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Traditional nuns in Pennsylvania will ‘stand up and fight’ Vatican’s attack on contemplative life – LifeSite

‘These holy women need the fierce protection and ongoing support of Catholic laity in the face of a coordinated onslaught

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The Latin Mass as Intangible Cultural Heritage – OnePeterFive

Against the contempt shown in recent decades—and even more, in recent months—toward Catholic tradition, one does not make progress with

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Couple Adopts Two Brothers, Then Decides to Adopt All Six of Their Siblings –

According to the Administration of Children and Families, on average, children stay in foster care for almost three years before

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