The Passion of the Church – Voice of the Family

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that the Church herself must one day pass through a form of crucifixion,

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St. Margaret of Clitherow

Margaret was born in 1556 in Middleton, England. Her father was a wax chandler and both her parents were Protestants.

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Victor Borge & The Opera Singer – YouTube

Rood Screens: Where they come from and how to use them – YouTube

A priest’s prayers before and after making his own confession | Fr. Z’s Blog

In this these troubling times, I suspect many priests, discerning the particular need and/or in good discipline, will seek to

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Building an SSPX church – one year later

5 Angelic Prayers Everyone Should Know – Catholic World Report

Oct. 2 is the feast day of the guardian angels, just three days after the feast of the archangels. These

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Father Emil Kapaun and Guardian Angels (Oct. 2)| National Catholic Register

Father Emil Kapaun, the Korean War military chaplain, prisoner of war and Medal of Honor recipient has finally returned home

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New Liturgical Movement: St Robert Bellarmine’s Hymn for the Guardian Angels

St Robert Bellarmine was born in 1542, and in his youth, received a classical education typical of his era, showing

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Sermon: Holy Guardian Angels; ✠Jerome Seleisi

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