Biden administration seeks to remove moral objection exemption from Obamacare contraceptives mandate – Catholic World Report

Religious Freedom Institute honors Tom Farr, champion of those persecuted for their faith – Catholic World Report

Here’s what American Catholics in the pews have done to help relief efforts in Ukraine – Catholic World Report

Grand jury indicts activists for defacing pro-life clinics | U.S. News

Two activists have been indicted for vandalizing pro-life pregnancy centers in Florida as pro-life advocates continue to raise concerns about

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Alabama governor adds another layer of protection to religious freedom – Catholic World Report

Kamala Harris omits right to life in Declaration of Independence | Politics News

Vice President Kamala Harris’ omission of the right to “life” when quoting the Declaration of Independence Sunday has drawn the

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Gay couple accused of raping sons used Christian adoption agency | U.S. News

A now-defunct Christian adoption agency was reportedly used by a same-sex couple in Georgia who were arrested last August on

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The White House Revises The Declaration Of Independence | Ep. 1098 – YouTube

Joe Biden should be ’embarrassed’ after more classified documents found, top Democrats say

FBI investigators seize six additional classified documents during a 13-hour search of the President’s family home in Delaware. Top Democrats

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Catholic hospital could be forced to perform gender-affirming surgery – Gript

The University of Maryland St Joseph Medical Center violated federal law when it refused to provide gender-affirming surgical care to

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