Is Lying Always Wrong? Fr Gregory Pine Vs. Dr. Janet Smith Debate – YouTube

Dr. Janet Smith and Fr. Gregory Pine (bio’s below) will debate the morality of lying. We will be taking questions

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Catholics in America, Be in the World but Not of It| National Catholic Register

COMMENTARY: While politics is a necessary and inevitable part of our lives, its ambitions should not be confused with the

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Did Jesus Condemn Homosexuality? – YouTube

Doubting Christianity? Watch This Video! w/ Dr. Alex Plato – YouTube

Everyone doubts, but by redoubling our faith we see everything clearer again. Matt and Dr. Plato talk about their own

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When Your Kids Leave the Church — What Would St. Monica Do?| National Catholic Register

When it might seem like we have nothing left, we have prayer. When Your Kids Leave the Church — What

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Purgatory in the Bible – YouTube

If you asked many people where is Purgatory in the Bible, you may either get blank stares, possibly be told,

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Here’s why an unborn baby is not one person with its mom | Voice

By Dan Delzell, Christian Post Contributor Here’s why an unborn baby is not one person with its mom | Voice

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The Powerful Intercession of Mary and the Saints — Integrated Catholic Life™

Today is the Solemnity of All Saints, a celebration of those who have died and attained Heaven. We will remember

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Generation Indoctrination: Inside the roots of the trans movement | Living News

As the public become increasingly aware of what’s happening to children in gender clinics, many are bewildered, asking: How did

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Former Astrologist Explains Danger of New Age Practices | Angela Ucci – YouTube

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