Existence of God – Apologetics Series – Episode 1 – YouTube

How to SILENCE an Atheist (When He Says God Wouldn’t Allow So Much Evil) – YouTube

Throughout history, the most popular argument against the existence of God has been what’s called the “problem of evil.” If

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An Atheist Journalist Interviews a Christian Apologist (with Adam Davidson) – YouTube

What would an atheist “media elite” like to ask an evangelical Christian professor? You’re about to find out. In this

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Are Catholic Sacraments Biblical? (Aquinas 101) – YouTube

Confronting Misconceptions about Jesus (with Rebecca McLaughlin) – YouTube

What are the most common misconceptions about Jesus? And how can we genuinely encounter Jesus today? Sean talks with Dr.

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Jordan Peterson on the Christian Origins of Science [Logos & Literacy] – YouTube

In his recent Daily Wire documentary, “Logos & Literacy,” Dr. Jordan Peterson visits the Museum of the Bible and discusses

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Why The SSPX Is Correct – SSPX Interview Series – Episode 7 – YouTube

It seems every few years, a fresh wave of concern ripples through the Catholic Faithful concerning the SSPX. Are they

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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Souls (Guest: Dr. Kevin Vost) – YouTube

Catholics rightly put their spiritual lives first. But what obligation do Catholics have to care for their bodies? And is

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Are Demons Real? Christian vs. Atheist Debate – YouTube

In this informal debate, atheist philosopher Ben Watkins and Christian philosopher Dr. Shandon Guthrie discuss the reality of demons. Are

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5 Reasons for Using Latin in The Mass | Fr. Jeff Fasching – YouTube

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