Just Stop Oil activists fined for vandalising the King’s Madame Tussauds waxwork

Labour MP rebuked for claiming Jesus never spoke of sexual sins | World News

A U.K. Christian group has strongly condemned Member of Parliament Chris Bryant, a former Church of England minister and homosexual,

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Vatican abuse inquiry into Hexham and Newcastle will cause ‘pain and shame’, says Archbishop – Catholic Herald

Violent trans criminals are women, Nicola Sturgeon says

Government will protect church schools, Education Secretary tells C of E conference

MAX COLSON/CHURCH OF ENGLAND The Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, at the C of E National Education Conference on Friday THE

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Transgender prisoner row: Scottish Prison Service pauses movement of trans inmates – YouTube

Vegan LGBT police groups distracting officers fighting crime Priti Patel

Former home secretary said it was ‘deeply concerning’ staff networks had ‘strayed beyond the acceptable bounds of political impartiality’ Vegan

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Scotland’s Gender Bill Threatens Women & Children. Bill is also a Cynical Ploy by SNP Separatists – YouTube

The Scottish Government and Parliament are supporting the hugely controversial Gender Recognition Bill despite 2/3 of Scottish voters opposing it.

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Julia Hartley Brewer’s epic response to transgender rapist trial – YouTube

A transgender woman convicted of raping two women while she was a man should not be held in a women’s

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‘I find that PATRONISING’ | Dan Wootton and Amy Nickell in fiery clash over trans conversion therapy – YouTube

Dan Wootton clashes with Amy Nickell over whether a ban on trans conversion therapy risks criminalising parents. ‘I find that

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