The Spiritual Role of Conscience – OnePeterFive

Forgotten Customs of Septuagesima – OnePeterFive

Brethren: Know you not that they that run in the race, all run indeed, but one receiveth the prize. So

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Martin Luther King and Planned Parenthood – OnePeterFive

Post-War Catholicism in the United States – OnePeterFive

A very interesting and provocative reprint, the first volume of Integrity will be welcomed by all those desiring to delve deeply into

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Disputed Questions on Papal Infallibility – YouTube

ANNOUNCEMENT: the New Trad Front Porch! – YouTube

Two Saints at the Start of Advent: Bibiana and Francis Xavier – OnePeterFive

I have often pointed out that the readings in the old Mass are offered as if they are prayers to

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Cardinal Burke Latin Mass Sermon for Christ the King – YouTube

Two Brothers and a Stranger: the Latin Mass, the Divine Liturgy, and the Novus Ordo – YouTube

The Once and Future Roman Rite: Returning to the Traditional Latin Liturgy after Seventy Years of Exile by Peter Kwasniewski,

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Vatican II and the American Deep State – OnePeterFive

The Church’s philosophy of church and state is far more important than the continued existence of a bit of acreage

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