Let’s Talk About Standing Up For Truth – YouTube

The OSCARS: Obnoxious Self-Righteous Celebrities Acting Really Stupid – YouTube

So the Oscars happened last night and it was full of highs and lows, but mostly lows. We’ll look at

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“Girl” Talk with Dylan Mulvaney And Drew Barrymore – Unapologetic LIVE – YouTube

Don’t Sexualize Yourself and Then Complain about Being Sexualized – YouTube

There has been a recent trend on TikTok of girls who wear revealing outfits to the gym complaining about being

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VICE’s Debate Panel on Feminism Was WILD – YouTube

VICE recently hosted a panel discussion on feminism with people from across the political spectrum, including some very woke and

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Jubilee Reaction: Male Feminists DEBATE Anti-Feminists – Unapologetic LIVE – YouTube

Is Gen Z Too SENSITIVE? Reacting to Dr. Phil Debate – Unapologetic LIVE – YouTube

REACTION: Conservative Parents DEBATE Liberal Teachers on Education – YouTube

Today I’m reacting to Jubilee’s Middle Ground video “Should Parents Ban Topics from Schools?” Conservative parents debate liberal teachers on

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REACTING to Russell Brand & Jordan Peterson’s “Heated” Debate – YouTube

Today, we’re reacting to a debate between Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson about the tweet criticizing Elliot/Ellen Page that got

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