Is the Western Church collapsing?

The indoctrination of mindless entertainment – YouTube

Not thinking and spending hours mindlessly watching videos actually shapes your thinking… The indoctrination of mindless entertainment – YouTube

Obeying God over Government

Exposing the lie of euthanasia – YouTube

Are we living in end times? – YouTube

Developing Your Spiritual Gifts | Martyn Iles at The Download – YouTube

A person can look very gifted and confident, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have fears or anxieties. Developing Your

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Why Every Human Life Needs Protection – Martyn Iles – YouTube

Abortion and euthanasia are clear attacks on human life that was made in the image of God. We must uphold

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Why won’t they leave Christian schools alone? – YouTube

Martyn Iles shares that there is a clear opposition to the knowledge of the truth. Why won’t they leave Christian

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ACL Political Update #5 – 1 February 2022 – YouTube

ACL’s Alister Cameron and Wendy Francis return for 2022, checking in with state leaders in Vic, NSW and SA. There’s

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Masculine and Feminine – God’s design for gender | Martyn Iles Live at The Download – YouTube

God made men and women in His image. He made them equal. However, God made them for different roles, which

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