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Basics of the Faith: Father Benedict Hughes explains the Sacrament of Penance – YouTube

Father Benedict Hughes joins Kevin for a new series dedicated to the basics of the Catholic Faith. In Episode 1,

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Saint Catherine of Siena and a Wedding Ring – YouTube

Did St. Catherine wear a mystical ring given to her by Our Lord Himself? Lisa explores. Saint Catherine of Siena

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Momcast: Create the World You Want to Live In – YouTube

Lisa discusses better times and how we can go about creating them ourselves. Momcast: Create the World You Want to

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Liturgical Year: April 17th – Monday Second Week of Easter – YouTube

Liturgical Year: April 16th – Low Sunday – YouTube

How To Make An Easter Lamb Cake – YouTube

In this video, Mandy from the What is a Woman Podcast shows us how to make a Easter Lamb Cake!

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Easter Traditions From Around the World – YouTube

Alexandra gives some of her top tips in how her family celebrates the greatest feast of the year. Easter Traditions

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Eve of the Passion – YouTube

From 2022, Kevin Strain reads from “The Passion and Death of Our Lord, Jesus Christ” by Reverend Albin Goodier. Eve

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