Evangelical Bible college fires lecturer over tweets on sexuality – Christian Concern

Christian lecturer sacked over ‘homosexuality is invading the church’ tweet

School assistant sacked for sharing RSE concerns to appeal ruling – Christian Concern

This week, the Employment Appeal Tribunal will hear the appeal of a Christian teaching assistant who was sacked for sharing

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‘Diversity takes precedence over religion,’ says NHS boss – Christian Concern

‘Arrested, charged and prosecuted simply for saying that a man is a man’ – YouTube

Street preacher Dave McConnell was arrested, charged and prosecuted for calling a biological male (who self-identified as a ‘trans woman)

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Church of England to bless sexual immorality? | Round the Table – YouTube

After six years of discussing the Church of England’s position on same-sex ‘marriage’, bishops have now announced plans to bless

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8-year-olds taught extreme trans ideology in church school | Round the Table – YouTube

A Church of England school has justified secretly teaching 8-year-olds that they can change sex, encouraging the idea that 3-year-olds

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Archbishop of Canterbury affirms trans guidance for children – Christian Concern

Win for Christian ministry after judge refuses to strike out discrimination case – Christian Concern

A County Court judge has refused to strike out a Christian ministry’s discrimination case against Barclays Bank, following spurious attempts

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Stop BPAS’ attempt to oust pro-life women’s minister – Christian Concern

Communications Officer Chris Joyce comments on BPAS’ current smear campaign to oust pro-life MP Maria Caulfield from public office. Stop

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