The World Over March 3, 2022 | UKRAINE INVASION: Archbishop Borys Gudziak with Raymond Arroyo – YouTube

Invalid baptisms: A Catholic explainer about the facts and the fears  | Catholic News Agency

Sometimes, people mess with this formula. Many of them mean well, but that can have consequences. In rare cases, Catholic

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Pope Francis’ second summit with Russian Orthodox patriarch could be held in June-July | Catholic News Agency

The Russian news agency Tass reported that Aleksandr Avdeyev made the comment on Feb. 18 at a Russian-Italian conference in

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The World Over February 17, 2022 | INVALID BAPTISMS in AZ: The Papal Posse with Raymond Arroyo – YouTube

ROBERT ROYAL, editor-in-chief of, and FR. GERALD MURRAY, canon lawyer and priest of the Archdiocese of NY join us

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Study challenges claim that legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide could ‘save lives’ | Catholic News Agency

“The non-assisted suicide rates have not declined relative to comparable non-EAS countries, whereas there have been very large increases in

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Arizona State Senate Passes Pro-Life Law | EWTN NewsLink – YouTube

News from a Catholic Perspective (2022-02-16) Arizona State Senate Passes Pro-Life Law | EWTN NewsLink – YouTube

More than 800 anti-Christian incidents reported in France in 2021 | Catholic News Agency

Investigators have so far identified a total of 1,659 anti-religious acts last year, with 857 relating to Christianity, 589 to

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Sour Andre Randon turns 118, Catholic nun is Europe’s oldest person, second in the world | Catholic News Agency

In anticipation of the big day, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, sent the beloved nun a greeting. Sour Andre

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Pilgrims couldn’t visit Lourdes. So a drone photographer took Lourdes to them | Catholic News Agency

Célian de La Rochefoucauld had been to the French shrine as many as eight or nine times in his life,

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5 fascinating facts about the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes | Catholic News Agency

It was at this grotto that the Blessed Mother appeared to Bernadette 18 times and where millions of Catholic pilgrims

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