2023-Maundy Thursday (The Three Presences of Christ) – YouTube

Hilarious Video Shows Inclusivity Meeting Stumped By My Question – YouTube

Exodus – Jordan B Peterson

In this series, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson engages in a round table discussion with seven other scholars to read Exodus

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Former Transgender Teenager Shares POWERFUL Story About Going In and Out of Transgenderism – YouTube

Helena Kerschner started testosterone treatments at the age of 18. After a year and a half of treatments, she finally

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Ben Shapiro Q&A: Transgenderism Debate, Kyle Rittenhouse, CRT in Schools – YouTube

During the Q&A portion of his YAF speech at FSU, Ben Shapiro is challenged on transgenderism, critical race theory in

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Rappers Are Dying Left And Right From The Violence They Glorify | Ep. 1054 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, another rapper was shot and killed this week. More and more, the people making

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