The German Pope – Benedict XVI | DW Documentary – YouTube

In memoriam Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI The German Pope – Benedict XVI | DW Documentary – YouTube On 19 April

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Music in Nazi Germany – The maestro and the cellist of Auschwitz | DW Documentary – YouTube

Why was classical music so important to Hitler and Goebbels? The stories of Jewish cellist Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, who survived Auschwitz,

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Contest of the cathedrals – the Gothic period | DW Documentary – YouTube

In 1144, the Basilica of Saint-Denis, near Paris, was consecrated. The construction was met with amazement by locals. Its hallmarks

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Street children in the Philippines | DW Documentary – YouTube

A school for Russia’s young offenders | DW Documentary – YouTube

A boarding school in the village of Serafimovka in the Urals aims to re-educate juvenile offenders. Vadim is one of

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Floods in Germany: Could loss of life have been prevented? | DW News – YouTube

The pandemic and young people – their hopes, dreams and fears | DW Documentary – YouTube

The Renaissance – the Age of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci (1/2) | DW Documentary – YouTube

The Catholic Church: Power and abuse of power? | To The Point – YouTube