Harry and Meghan have ‘zero credibility’ after latest royal bombshell – YouTube

Dan Wootton tears into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, saying the pair have ‘zero credibility’ following the latest revelations.

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Covid vaccine: Should care staff be forced to get the jab? – YouTube

‘The sector already has a major staffing crisis… the last thing it can really take is the loss of further

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Cop26: Hypocritical Eco-Circus + Online Safety Bill Threat to Free Speech. Widdecombe Webb & Woberts – YouTube

On this week’s “Widdecombe, Webb & Woberts”, our fearless threesome — the Rt. Hon. Ann Widdecombe, Emma Webb & Abi

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Helen Joyce, best-selling author, gives her opinion on gender identity ideology – YouTube

Schools ordered not to teach contested views about White Privilege as fact

‘My 6-year-old would be labelled ‘transphobic’ for not believing a boy was a girl’ – YouTube

Christian parents Nigel and Sally Rowe are pursuing a judicial review over ‘transgender guidance’ upheld by the Department for Education

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‘It’s not about a boy in a dress; it’s about endorsing transgenderism in primary schools’ – YouTube

Is teaching children about ‘non-binary gender identities’ a form of teaching ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’ and ‘respect’? Or is it pushing a

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GB News Live: Watch GB News 24/7 – YouTube

Academic Freedom: The female authors accused of transphobia – YouTube

Donald Trump to launch new social media platform – YouTube

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