Nicola Sturgeon has BETRAYED women with Gender Recognition Bill – ‘What world do we live in?!’ – YouTube

‘I find that PATRONISING’ | Dan Wootton and Amy Nickell in fiery clash over trans conversion therapy – YouTube

Dan Wootton clashes with Amy Nickell over whether a ban on trans conversion therapy risks criminalising parents. ‘I find that

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Common Sense Crusade with Calvin Robinson | Sunday 22nd January – YouTube

Trans protestors SHUT DOWN university talk on women’s rights | Professor Robert Wintemute – YouTube

Teacher cancelled for misgendering pupil: Calvin Robinson & Will Knowland discuss ‘bizarre” case’ – YouTube

“Surely this should be one of the things that is open for discussion and that a variety of perspectives are

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Nicola Sturgeon FUMES as Scottish gender bill is blocked | Peter Tatchell and Debbie Hayton discuss – YouTube

Gender detransitioning: Ritchie Herron and Keira Bell share their stories | Free Speech Nation – YouTube

Ritchie Herron and Keira Bell join Andrew Doyle to share their stories on detransitioning.Ritchie Herron is suing the NHS over

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GB News: Is the BBC Promoting a Biased Agenda? The Big Question Debate – YouTube

From woke dramas and comedies to left-leaning and politically correct panels on panel shows, is the BBC promoting a partisan

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Christmas: A Message of Hope with Calvin Robinson – YouTube

Join Fr Calvin Robinson as he explores true meaning of Christmas and why it still means so much in the

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‘Christmas, A Message of Hope’, a GB News special for the festive weekend – Catholic Herald

The fading of Christian faith as a vital force in modern Britain is nowhere more evident than in the broadcast

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