Teachers say NO to trans ideology lessons – YouTube

Teachers and parents held an information event at the Dáil this week, saying that explicit sex-ed proposals, including messages that

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“This is in the middle of Dublin”: Gript reports from Ashtown migrant camp – YouTube

“This is in the middle of Dublin”: Gript reports from the Ashtown migrant camp at the centre of an Irish

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Mayo Coroner seeks vaccine trial data from pharma giant Pfizer – Gript

Pfizer Ireland is to supply information on C19 vaccine clinical trials to a coroner ahead of an inquest in Co

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The media’s boogeyman problem – Gript

As I have noted before on these pages, the one thing you will never hear or see, watching RTE or

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The different faces of Antifa in Dublin and Atlanta – Gript

China’s shrinking population is a big deal – Gript

Catholic hospital could be forced to perform gender-affirming surgery – Gript

The University of Maryland St Joseph Medical Center violated federal law when it refused to provide gender-affirming surgical care to

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The singer promoted by RTE who killed a man in prison – Gript

Folk singer Steo Wall, who recently performed on both RTE’s Tommy Tiernan Show and RTE’s The Late Late Show, killed

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“There’s no deterrent”: Dublin Councillor on anti-social behaviour – YouTube

UK Govt blocks Scotland’s transgender law in unprecedented move – Gript

In a constitutional first, Downing Street has blocked Nicola Sturgeon’s controversial transgender reforms after concluding that the new law would

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