The Decline of Policing in Britain | Melanie Phillips

The Atheist Who’s More Christian Than He Thinks | Tom Holland

In this Clip, John and Tom Holland discuss Friedrich Nietzsche and his understanding of how Christianity has influenced our modern

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Reason, Optimism and the Limits of Wokeness | Professor Steven Pinker – YouTube

In this conversation, John is joined by Professor Steven Pinker, world renowned cognitive psychologist, psycholinguist and public intellectual. Reason, Optimism

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The Contemptuous Elite and Class-Based Division | Paul Rahe – YouTube

Paul Rahe reveals the seething contempt held by the elites for the middle and lower class leading to a social

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The Heart of Easter | Dr Peter Jensen – YouTube

What is Social Media doing to Gen Z? | Rabbi Jonathan Sacks – YouTube

In this conversation with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, filmed a year before his death (in November 2020), John asked Rabbi

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The Case for We-before-Me | Brad Wilcox – YouTube

In this conversation, Professor Wilcox unveils the secret of maintaining “wedded bliss” as well as practical tips on finding a

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America Divided | Douglas Wilson – YouTube

John Anderson enjoys a long conversation with Douglas Wilson on culture wars, American politics, what it means to be a

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What Radicals Forget About The West | Jordan Peterson #CLIP – YouTube

Jordan Peterson argues that Western ideas have been – and remain – crucial for the raising of oppressed peoples to

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The Danger of Progressives | Mary Eberstadt #CLIP – YouTube

In this Direct interview, John is joined by author, essayist, novelist and commentator Mary Eberstadt as they discuss radical social

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