My Response To Those Who Are Out To Get Me – YouTube

Riley Gaines Was Attacked And The Campus Doesn’t Care – YouTube

Trump Is Indicted. The Justice System Is A Sham. | Ep. 1141 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Democrats wage an actual war on democracy by finally indicting their chief political rival

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This Is What Happens When A Nation Abandons Its Fundamental Values  | Ep. 1140 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a new survey reveals that all of the fundamental values that once defined our

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Christian Children Murdered By Trans Mass Shooter  | Ep. 1138 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the community is in mourning after a trans terrorist walked into a Christian school

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Viral Clip Reveals A Father’s Pain Over His Son’s Gender Transition  | Ep. 1134 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a heartbreaking clip goes viral showing the total devastation that gender ideology wreaks on

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Media Panics Over ‘Dangerous’ Trad Wife Trend | Ep. 1131 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media is warning about a dangerous and perverse new trend that has taken

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Dylan Mulvaney’s ‘Day 365 Of Girlhood’ Feat. Matt Walsh – YouTube

Winning the WAR against Transgenderism w/ Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, & George Farmer – YouTube

Matt Walsh talks about his tactics for confronting transgender ideology and how we ought approach the cultural and personal differently.

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Hilarious Video Shows Inclusivity Meeting Stumped By My Question – YouTube