New Liturgical Movement: Lectio Divina (3): The Agony in the Garden

New Liturgical Movement: The Penitential Psalms in the Liturgy of Lent

In his Life of St Augustine, St Possidius of Calama writes that in his final illness, the great doctor “had ordered

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New Liturgical Movement: The Periti of Vatican II: A New Research Project by Sharon Kabel

New Liturgical Movement: The Secret Garden of the Saints

PETER KWASNIEWSKI There’s something exotic about the atmosphere of the traditional Latin Mass, like a secret garden with flowers of

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New Liturgical Movement: Can a Bishop Restrict a “Private Mass” in the Usus Antiquior to a Priest and a Server?

New Liturgical Movement: “Catholicism or Post-Catholicisms?” — Part 1: The Value of an Anthropological Analysis of Liturgical Reform

New Liturgical Movement: The Gospels of the Epiphany (Part 1)

The feast of the Epiphany is one of the richest of the Church’s liturgical year, commemorating several different events in

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New Liturgical Movement: Emblems of the Wounds in the Body and Heart of Christ Painted Onto a Candle

New Liturgical Movement: Why 1962 Must Eventually Perish: The Case of St. John

Each year after Christmas comes the wonderful sequence of companion feasts. This week at NLM, I should like to make

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New Liturgical Movement: Announcing a Comprehensive Canonical Critique of “Traditionis Custodes”

As readers of NLM are too well aware, Pope Francis’s apostolic letter Traditionis Custodes aimed at a drastic reduction of the use

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