DESTROYING Communism w/ Dr. Paul Kengor – YouTube

0:00 Intro/ Bio cont. 0:54 Immaculate Reception 3:15 Bio and Conversion cont. 11:48 Meta commentary on Marx 13:34 The origin

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How “The Pill” Hurts Women w/ Cameron Fradd – YouTube

Do Conservatives Know What a Woman Is? w/ Michael Knowles – YouTube

In his documentary, Matt Walsh asks “what is a woman?” The common conservative answer (usually delivered with some snark) is

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Things Will Get Bad. Expect it. w/ Dr. Peter Kreeft – YouTube

Dr. Kreeft shares his thoughts on the state of marriage in the world today, and what that might mean for

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Is Lying Always Wrong? Fr Gregory Pine Vs. Dr. Janet Smith Debate – YouTube

Dr. Janet Smith and Fr. Gregory Pine (bio’s below) will debate the morality of lying. We will be taking questions

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Cameron Bertuzzi CONVERTS to Catholicism (Here’s how it happened) – YouTube

Doubting Christianity? Watch This Video! w/ Dr. Alex Plato – YouTube

Everyone doubts, but by redoubling our faith we see everything clearer again. Matt and Dr. Plato talk about their own

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The Coolest Blessed You’ve Never Heard Of. – YouTube

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati was an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life of charity and vivaciousness. He loved our

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Pope Francis claims pornography ‘weakens the soul,’ calls it a vice of some priests, nuns – YouTube

Is G3nder Confusion a Mental Health Issue or Something Else? w/ Matt Walsh – YouTube

This clip was taken from a recent livestream with Matt Walsh. Watch the full interview here: Is G3nder Confusion

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