Pilgrimage: The BBC series that puts faith front and centre | Reviews | Premier Christianity

How can Christian parents help their children navigate their sexual desire wisely? | Article | NexGen

Bart Ehrman v Glen Scrivener: Did Christianity give us our belief in equality, compassion & consent? – YouTube

Glen Scrivener’s book ‘The Air We Breathe: How We All Came to Believe in Freedom, Kindness, Progress & Equality’ makes

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Calvin Robinson: ‘I’ve always struggled with organised religion…maybe that’s why I got kicked out of one’ | Interviews | Premier Christianity

The GB News presenter says ordination in the Church of England was “snatched away” from him because of his conservative

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Bishop of Oxford’s views on same-sex marriage put popular opinion above the Bible | Opinion | Premier Christianity

Rt Rev Steven Croft has published a 52-page essay, Together in Love and Faith, explaining how his views on sexuality have changed and why

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Thank God there’s still a legal right to express belief in orthodox, Christian teaching in the UK | Opinion | Premier Christianity

The ‘gay cake’ row is finally over, and a nurse sacked for wearing a cross has been vindicated. We should

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What is a pagan goddess doing in a place of Christian worship? | Opinion | Premier Christianity

Everyone agrees that looking after the planet is important, but the “Gaia” exhibition touring UK churches crosses a line into

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Controversial church banner torn down ahead of climate conference

A church banner in Glasgow has sparked a debate over the role of Christians in speaking out about climate change.

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‘It’s not “religious” its real’ – The open air Prayer Station changing Crewe’s estates | Real Life | Premier Christianity

A series of ‘delightfully informal’ Christian gatherings are having a profound effect on the residents of these estates, reports Tony

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Kristin Kobes Du Mez Q&A: Mars Hill, Donald Trump and the future for US evangelicals – YouTube

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