Wicked Bishop Who Placed A PIG’S HEART In Parish To Mock Christ May Face Legal Charges – YouTube

The Rundown! 3.4.23 Lenten Saturday Edition – YouTube

The Rundown! (1.20.23): The Return of TP – YouTube

The Rundown (1.13.23): Bidengate, Cdl. Pell, Gas Stoves, George Santos, DOD Vax Mandate – YouTube

The Rundown! 1.07.23 J6 Edition – YouTube

The Fab Four reassemble to talk about the super scary crapitol hill insurrection, Pope Benedict’s passing, and so much more!

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The Rundown! 12-23-2022 Christmas Edition – YouTube

The Rundown (11.11.22): Armistice Day, Election Aftermath, and more – YouTube

The Rundown (11.4.22): Election, Recession, and Synodality – YouTube

The Rundown! Kanye, Fetterman, Twitter and More! 10.29.22 – YouTube

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Springtime That Never Came – YouTube

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