Err… So I Guess You LIED, Mr President!! – YouTube

President Joe Biden has approved a $650m sale of missiles to Saudi Arabia, months after vowing to end arms sales

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“This Takes The P*** Now!” Biden’s New JFK Files Excuse – YouTube

President Joe Biden has further postponed the release of secret government files related to the assassination of President John F.

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“It’s BARBARIC!!” Fauci’s Puppy Shame – Can We Trust Him? – YouTube

“They Outright LIED!!!” Joe Rogan EXPOSES CNN & Don Lemon’s Rebuttal – YouTube

As Americans’ trust in media dips to the second lowest on record, could CNN’s coverage of Joe Rogan’s Covid medication

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Thought Bill Gates Was The Only Billionaire Buying Up Land?! – YouTube

After Bill Gates’s proposed plan to build a ‘Smart City’ In Arizona, welcome now to Telosa, a $400bn “city of

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So… If THIS Isn’t Political CORRUPTION Then WHAT IS?!!! – YouTube

37 members of Congress have violated a law designed to root out insider trading and prevent conflicts-of-interest’ #NancyPelosi #congress #corruption

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“CRIMINALS IN OUR OWN HOMES!” Australia’s Lockdown ‘Nightmare’ – YouTube

Australian’s handling of the housing lockdown has been called a ‘nightmare’ and described as a “breach of human rights”. #Australia

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