Damaged Notre Dame Modernized as Disney-Like Emotional Spaces Cathedral: Dr. Taylor Marshall Podcast – YouTube

Bishops Protect Biden: Catholic version of Let’s Go Brandon Dr Marshall Podcast – YouTube

After last week’s United States bishops meeting, it is clear that the US bishops are complicit and protecting (and promoting)

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Freemasonic Plan to Infiltrate the Church – YouTube

Highlight from Dr Taylor Marshall Podcast 412: “Pope Francis and Freemasonic Infiltration of Vatican” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNK8Z… Freemasonic Plan to Infiltrate the

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Pope Francis calls for Dialogue with All Religions: Dr Taylor Marshall Podcast – YouTube

Transhumanism and Dante: Can Christians support Transhumanism? – YouTube

Dante Alighieri is credited as the first to use the term “transhumanism,” but he uses it in a very different

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Taylor and Joy Marshall Discuss Advent Traditions – YouTube

Six Traditional Sacraments Banned in Rome? – YouTube

Highlights: Dr Taylor Marshall Podcast 759: “Did Francis Ban Traditional Easter Vigil, Triduum in Rome? Pope Francis Implements his Motu

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Should women veil in church at Mass? Dr Taylor Marshall Podcast

Why Does Church Contain Evil People? An Enemy Has Done This! – YouTube

Dr. Taylor Marshall reads Saint Matthew 13:24-30 and explains how Christ teaches that the field (the church) will be infiltrated

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Did Joe Biden Poop His Pants with Pope Francis? Suit analysis – YouTube

Did President Joe Biden have a ‘bathroom accident’ during the private meeting with Pope Francis?The talks started following a tweet

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