20-year church abuse probe ends with monsignor’s quiet plea

A spokesperson for District Attorney Larry Krasner, who inherited the case from his predecessors, called Lynn’s unannounced Nov. 2 plea

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Messianic Prophesies of Christ in the Old Testament – The American Catholic

I do not think there is adequate treatment in contemporary catechesis of the remarkable string of prophecies in the Old

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Notes on How Not to Be a Saint – The American Catholic

We at The American Catholic often receive unsolicited manuscripts.  What follows is from a lengthy collection of documents, smelling faintly

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PopeWatch: Situational Ethics – The American Catholic

Truth  out of Africa: PopeWatch: Situational Ethics – The American Catholic ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW Truth  out of Africa:

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The Futility of Arguing on the Internet, Redux – The American Catholic

Some recent comments on an article in  The American Catholic have disturbed me enough (even when I agreed with them)

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Afghan Vets Respond – The American Catholic

There is Misinformation, Damn Misinformation, and the Internet – The American Catholic

“The most offensive is not their lying – one can always forgive lying – lying is a delightful thing, for

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Fascist Dictator Test – The American Catholic

Mozart Piano Concerto No.21, K.467 – The American Catholic

Safety First – The American Catholic

courtesy of The Babylon Bee: NEW YORK, NY—Planned Parenthood today announced that in the interest of public health, the organization

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