Woman found alive in body bag at funeral home

An Alzheimer’s facility in Iowa escaped with a fine of just $10,000 for wrongly declaring her dead A 66-year-old woman

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Donald Trump wants law confirming genders as male and female

Women can accurately recall details of rape even if they’ve drunk alcohol

Results of a new study challenge perceptions of women being unreliable as witnesses in assault cases where they were intoxicated

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Scientists pledge to ‘de-extinct’ the dodo bird

Just Stop Oil activists fined for vandalising the King’s Madame Tussauds waxwork

Is there life on Mars? Nasa’s super camera spots ‘bear’s face’ on red planet

Violent trans criminals are women, Nicola Sturgeon says

Vegan LGBT police groups distracting officers fighting crime Priti Patel

Former home secretary said it was ‘deeply concerning’ staff networks had ‘strayed beyond the acceptable bounds of political impartiality’ Vegan

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WHO issues new advice on stockpiling radiation sickness medicines in event of nuclear attack

Olympics ignores Zelensky’s plea to ban Russian athletes

IOC position has been criticised by the UK government, which says the Paris 2024 Games will be used to ‘legitimise

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