How AI is learning to read the human mind

New AI technology in development could transform lives but also raises urgent ethical and legal questions For years, scientists have

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England needs 600,000 new homes in order to cope with immigration surge

UK will need to double housebuilding target to meet demand, think tank finds England needs 616,000 extra homes each year

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TikTok fined £12.7m for collecting data on children

Chinese app allowed 1.4m under-13s to sign up in 2020 alone, ICO says TikTok has been fined £12.7m by the

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Watch: Man pours yoghurt over heads of women without hijabs

Incident in Mashad comes as Iran’s judiciary chief threatens to prosecute women who defy strict rules on head coverings ‘without

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Friday evening news briefing: Trump ‘will not be put in handcuffs’

Donald Trump’s lawyer insists he knows exact number of charges former president is facing READ ON BELOW>>> Friday evening news

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State pension age could rise to 69 in plan to save the Exchequer billions

Independent report recommends a cap on state pension spending Anyone born after 1979 will have to wait until they are

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Don’t panic, but a wrecking ball risks hitting the world’s biggest economy

The next shoe is about to drop in America’s ongoing banking turmoil. Financial journalists just love market panics. For them

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Quarter of 5-year-olds watch TikTok videos that ‘blur fact and fiction’

‘We fled the Taliban to seek refuge in Turkey – the earthquake turned our lives to rubble’

Anxiety and depression linked to accelerated ageing of the body

Differences in biological age were largest for people with bipolar disorder, smallest for anxiety disorder and for depression was in

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