Only God Can Establish Sacraments (Aquinas 101) – YouTube

Did Jesus Really Descend into Hell? #AskAFriar (Aquinas 101) – YouTube

Did Jesus really descend into hell? What happens to souls after death? Is Judgment Day just a metaphor? Big questions

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Why Sacraments Are Signs (Aquinas 101) – YouTube

Aquinas and Religious Pluralism: How to Engage without Sacrificing Truth | Prof. Thomas Hibbs – YouTube

[In the disputed question model], Aquinas is attempting — vicariously, because all these people are not sitting in the Agora

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Thomists at War: Dante, Aquinas, and the Dominicans | Dr. George Corbett – YouTube

Evolution, Natural Selection, and God’s Causality (Aquinas 101) – YouTube

What Makes a Good Person? The Cardinal Virtues and Living Well | Prof. Patrick Callahan – YouTube

“Fortitude is the distinctly human virtue. As Josef Pieper said [in his book, ‘The Four Cardinal Virtues’]: ‘Fortitude presupposes vulnerability.

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Is Belief in God Rational? Faith & Reason in the Life of John Henry Newman | Prof. Nathaniel Peters – YouTube

“‘Verily, verily, I say unto you,’ says the Divine Speaker, ‘I am the Door of the sheep … I am

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How Predictable is the Natural World? (Aquinas 101) – YouTube

How predictable is the natural world? Can modern science make perfect predictions? Fr. Thomas Davenport, O.P., a Dominican friar from

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Aquinas on the Incarnation | Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P. – YouTube

Aquinas responds [to Jewish and Muslim medieval arguments against the Incarnation] in the corpus of [article 1 of question 1

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