Martyn Iles on Vision Christian Radio – Full Interview Video – YouTube

Are Religious Freedoms for Comfort? | The Truth of It Q&A – YouTube

If persecution grows the Church in countries like China, are Christians just lobbying for changes to the Religious Freedoms Bill

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Does feminism have a place in Christian beliefs? – YouTube

The Crisis Totalitarianism of Covid-19 | The Truth of It – YouTube

It doesn’t matter how bad a crisis is, the crisis is not God. And making everything in our lives submit

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The Revelation of Jesus Christ – YouTube

Who is Jesus Christ? And what does He mean to those of us living in 2021? The Revelation of Jesus

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Pandemic in perspective | The Truth of it

The Truth of It | Eternal Perspective on the Pandemic | Episode 82 – YouTube

Hate Speech and Discrimination| The Truth of It – YouTube

More and more in our daily personal and work lives, we’re encountering terms like ‘hate speech’ and ‘discrimination’. But what

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Should Christians speak up on social media posts, even when met with hateful responses?

Is There Hope for Christian School Teachers in Australia? | The Truth of It Live – YouTube

With an increasingly liberal and politicised curriculum, is there still hope for Christian school teachers who want to be true

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