Piers Morgan: Why Our Leaders Don’t Tell The Truth – YouTube

Defending Women Cost Me My Business – Rosie Kay – YouTube

Rosie Kay is a British choreographer best known for her show 5 Soldiers, MK ULTRA (produced in collaboration with Adam

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Laurence Fox: Is the Right Going Woke? – YouTube

Konstantin Kisin DEBATES Student Politician on Gary Lineker – YouTube

Taken from Piers Morgan Uncensored Konstantin Kisin DEBATES Student Politician on Gary Lineker – YouTube

Why ‘Progress’ is Bad for Women – Mary Harrington – YouTube

Mary Harrington is a writer who sometimes goes by the moniker of ‘Reactionary Feminist’. She is a Contributing Editor at

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“I Transitioned My Child – I Regret It” – YouTube

In this episode, we speak to Rose, the mother of two boys, who has asked to remain anonymous.Read Rose’s story

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EXPOSED: Secret Government Surveillance Program – YouTube

Silkie Carlo is the director of Big Brother Watch, a non-party British civil liberties and privacy campaigning organisation. EXPOSED: Secret

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How Wokeism Works | Theo Von – YouTube

Theo Von talks to Triggernometry in Austin, Texas about whether he feels the pressure of being canceled, how coming from

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How Transitioning Got Normalized – YouTube

WATCH the full episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyCLB…Influencer Oli London’s declaration of his Korean heritage made for shocking news last year. He

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David Starkey: Can the West Survive? – YouTube

David Starkey CBE is an English historian and radio and television presenter. He is the author of more than 25

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