The testament book of Benedict XVI — a confirmation – Voice of the Family

Pledge a prayer for the millions of lives lost to abortion since 1967 – Voice of the Family

The first pro-life campaigning organisation in the world, the UK’s Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, is inviting everyone

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Founding families (2) – Voice of the Family

The first miracle of Jesus: meditation on the second Sunday after the Epiphany – Voice of the Family

Rome conference: Health of the sick and salvation of souls – Church and society in this dark hour of history TEXTS & VIDEOS NOW AVAILABLE! – Voice of the Family %

The two popes and the mystery of the Church – Voice of the Family

Meditation on the Nativity of Our Lord: the Saviour has appeared – Voice of the Family

Towards the end of his life, Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen OCD (1893–1953), began to compile and condense his

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What do Advent and history teach about the true dignity of man? – Voice of the Family

How divine law differs from natural law – Voice of the Family

“We can see straightaway how divine law differs from what we call natural law. St Thomas Aquinas tells us that

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Praying for peace – Voice of the Family

In his Summa, St Thomas develops the Augustinian idea of peace. It is no coincidence that he deals with this

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