EU Officially BANS Petrol & Diesel Cars – YouTube

Excess deaths, parliament questions – YouTube

MPs ask, Ministers don’t answer Excess deaths, parliament questions – YouTube

Belgian euthanasia chief explains 10% rise – Gript

Why are more people resorting to euthanasia in Belgium? The number of cases of euthanasia in Belgium rose by 9.85%

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Portuguese Church highlights problems in abuse panel report – UCA News

Polish woman found guilty of aiding an abortion in landmark trial

Thousands turn out for pro-life march in Spain to oppose laws that threaten human life – Catholic World Report

Catholic church in Austria registers record number of resignations

90,808 left church in 2022 with number of Protestants also falling… The number of faithful leaving the Catholic church in

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Three Kings parades across Poland draw 1.5 million participants | Catholic News Agency

Three Kings parades went down the streets of 800 Polish towns and cities Jan. 6 for the feast of the

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German doctor given years in prison for illegal mask certs – Gript

On Monday a German doctor was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison for illegally distributing over 4,000

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Why Did a Swiss Diocese Abolish Its Exorcism Ministry?| National Catholic Register

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