The Sacred Heart and the Priest, by Bishop Daniel L. Dolan – YouTube

The Descent Of Christ into Hell | Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P. – YouTube

Unam Sanctam Catholicam: It Is Not Wrong to Assume Someone is in Heaven

We are all familiar with the modern spectacle of funerals as immediate canonizations rather than occasions for prayer and penitence

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The Baltimore Catechism 3-L.12 On the Marks of the Church (Part 2) – YouTube

Today we speak of the second part of Lesson 12, the Marks of the Church The Baltimore Catechism 3-L.12 On

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New book on the Roots of Holy Mass going to the beginning of time — Crucifixion to Creation, Fr JM – YouTube

The Baltimore Catechism 3-L.9 On the Holy Ghost (Part 2) – YouTube

Fr. Saunders, Zepeda and Bro. Alexius Discuss the ninth Lesson in the Baltimore Catechism. On the Holy Ghost. (Second Part)

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Do Some Clergy Represent an Obstacle to the Eucharistic Revival? – Crisis Magazine

A diocesan publication, in the context of the Eucharistic Revival, decides to give space to a priest’s pique about some

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Can angels become incarnate like Jesus? Bible Q&A LIVE with Dr. Marshall and Marshall Twins – YouTube

Dr. Taylor Marshall and his twin daughters host LIVE Bible Q&A. Can angels become incarnate like Jesus? Bible Q&A LIVE

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Responding to the ongoing Eucharistic meltdown – Catholic World Report

Early Christians on Matthew 1:18 (Parental Advisory!) – YouTube

Parents, please note: This is an edifying discussion, but delicate for little ears.On the Perpetual Virginity of Our Blessed Mother,

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