Modernists confess plans to trash Traditionalist Catholicism | Dr Taylor Marshall

German Catholic Bishops Welcome Initiative Seeking Change in Church Teaching on Sexuality| National Catholic Register

The initiative, backed publicly by 125 people including priests, religion teachers, and Church employees, also appealed for blessings and “access

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Francis’ Chief Hireling Admits The Novus Ordo Is A New Religion – YouTube

Spanish theologian warns German Synodal Way poses great danger to the Church – Catholic World Report

Spanish theologian Fr. José Antonio Fortea has warned of what he calls the serious danger to the Catholic Church posed

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RORATE CÆLI: The Outrageous Propaganda of Archbishop Roche

One can hardly read a paragraph of this article without cringing at his befuddlement. Here is a brief commentary on

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Is Novus Ordo the Mass of the Early Church? Dr. Taylor Marshall Podcast – YouTube

Dr. Taylor Marshall addresses the claim that the Novus Ordo is the Mass of the Early Church. Is Novus Ordo

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The Gospel Turned Upside Down: Female Protestant Minister Says God Led Her to Abort| National Catholic Register

“Christianity has always had a high regard for mothers, viewing motherhood as a gift from God, and heralding mothers in

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Priest Denounces Spanish Caritas for Christological Error| National Catholic Register

Father Antonio María Domenech Guillén, a priest of the Diocese of Cuenca, Spain, harshly criticized a tweet of ‘nonsense’ about

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Behold the New Creed of the Modernists

RORATE CÆLI: IMPORTANT STUDY—“From Traditionis Custodes to the Responsa ad Dubia: On the Hermeneutics of Our Holy Father Francis’s Legislation”

The following article by Padre Federico, first published on December 21 by InfoCatholica, represents a unique approach to the situation

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