Peter Dimond’s Sedevacantism (REBUTTED)

In this episode Trent rebuts the arguments Peter Dimond made in a recent Pints with Aquinas debate on the issue

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Francis confirms his hatred for the Latin Mass is ideological, since the greatest “danger” in the Church today is “reaction against the modern” – and criticizes the liberality of John Paul II and Benedict XVI

He clothes his hatred by saying Traditionalists are ideological, and basically calling his predecessors John Paul II and Benedict XVI

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Dutch bishop rebukes heretical German Synodal Way: ‘Intentional deception of the faithful’ – LifeSite

China installs new bishop in Shanghai, despite local opposition

A new bishop was installed as the leader of the Shanghai diocese Tuesday, without public recognition from the Vatican. Both

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Progressive Catholics in Germany declare themselves in schism

The Synodal Path advocates a participation of lay people in baptism and preaching – the Vatican rejects this. This means that

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Cardinal Müller speaks of an hour of great tragedy caused by Roman silence

Cardinal Hollerich: There’s ‘space to expand’ Church teaching on all-male priesthood – Catholic World Report

Is Anyone in “Full Communion” With Rome? – Crisis Magazine

The common post-conciliar understanding of “communion,” taken to its logical conclusion, often ends in absurdities. Irecently read through Pope Benedict XVI’s

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Cardinal Müller is right: bishops who voted for same-sex blessings must go – Catholic Herald

Cardinals Burke and Müller Denounce German Synod Debacle On Same-Sex Blessings – CatholicVote org

Cardinals Raymond Burke and Gerhard Müller have openly condemned the decision by the German Synodal Way assembly to begin officially

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