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The Old Roman Unscripted team from both sides of the Atlantic discuss the week’s headlines, hot topics, the liturgical season and how Tradition and the witness of the Saints can still guide orthodox Catholics through the chaos and crises of the 21C!

Vatican issues decree clarifying responsibilities for translation of Latin liturgical texts – Catholic World Report

The Vatican issued a decree on Friday guiding bishops’ conferences on the proper protocol for the translation of liturgical texts

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LIVE NOW Guerrilla in the Catacombs: The Darkening Shadow of Caiaphas – YouTube

Brother Stanislaus’s presentation Romani Extramurati Remugiunt continues to ask: Why is Francis the “Pope of Woke?” How have the “Popes

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The true nature of the Crisis in the Church

Excerpt from Old Romans Unscripted broadcast July 24th 2021 during which ✠Jerome Lloyd OSJV diagnoses the crux of the matter concerning the present Crisis in the Church…

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