Francis Is Coming For Traditional Seminarians – YouTube

Women priests: why doesn’t the Church allow it?

Pray for our good priests. The modernists want them gone.

Francis stuns with FSSP announcement: everything you need to know

The Great Myth? Big Abuse in the Catholic Church

It has been a huge story in the news, you have probably discussed it with your friends or family and

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Vatican ponders priesthood amid abuse research, revelations | AP News

Pope Francis opens the symposium Thursday, and no fewer than a half-dozen Vatican cardinals are scheduled to either address the

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Pope calls priestly celibacy ‘a gift,’ says friendship can make it easier | Crux

“When priestly fraternity thrives and bonds of true friendship exist,” he said, it becomes possible “to experience with greater serenity

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US Seminaries Grapple With the Issue of Transgender Applicants| National Catholic Register

In the wake of last fall’s disclosure that some biological females had been admitted to seminaries, Catholic formators, canonists and

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Transgender Seminary Applicants: What Is the Church’s Pastoral Response?| National Catholic Register

Such individuals can’t be ordained, but formators stress the need to accompany these persons with love and understanding. Transgender Seminary

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Remote Vietnam parish produces first priest after nearly a century – UCA News

Mountainous area that has suffered wars and poverty is celebrating the ordination of a Sacred Heart priest Remote Vietnam parish

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