How to Be Awake, Not Woke | Noelle Mering | Franciscan University Presents – YouTube

Join Host Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, panelists Dr. Regis Martin and Dr. Scott Hahn, and special guest Noelle Mering, Fellow

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“The New Puritans” | Peter Boghossian Interviews Andrew Doyle (Titania McGrath) about Social Justice – YouTube

In “The New Puritans: How the Religion of Social Justice Captured the Western World,” Andrew Doyle reveals the similarities between

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The War on the West with Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray in conversation “” – YouTube

Stanford Academic Freedom Nov 4-5 The War on the West with Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray in conversation “” –

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HK’s Civic Party to dissolve amid suppression – UCA News

A pro-democracy party in Hong Kong is set to wind up its operations amid an acute leadership crisis reportedly fueled by suppression

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The bizarre and scandalous TENI funding grant – Gript

Rights to protest, dissent under attack in Asia – UCA News

The right to dissent has come under ruthless attack in the Asia-Pacific with governments in the region having resorted to

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Westminster’s plans for more abortions in Northern Ireland – Catholic Herald

Dubhaltach O ReachtninDecember 7, 2022 at 11:10 am Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All-Ireland, has rejected an

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Do Conservatives Know What a Woman Is? w/ Michael Knowles – YouTube

In his documentary, Matt Walsh asks “what is a woman?” The common conservative answer (usually delivered with some snark) is

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James Parker: Victor or Victim? – YouTube

James was 14 when he was told his only option for happiness was to embrace his identity as a gay

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Carissimi; Today’s Mass: S. Ambrose of Milan

St Ambrose, Bishop Confessor & Doctor of the Church

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