My (awkward) interview with Mark Wahlberg – YouTube

Father Stu – official trailer

‘They Might Be Saints’ – Bishop Frederic Baraga| National Catholic Register

Is beatification on the horizon for the “Snowshoe Priest” of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? ‘They Might Be Saints’ – Bishop Frederic

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Amazon’s Tolkien

The showrunners originally brought Tom Shippey—Anglo-Saxonist, medievalist, and one of the preeminent Tolkien scholars of his generation—in to serve as

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Mark Wahlberg: Upcoming film about Helena priest Father Stu aims to inspire – Catholic World Report

“It felt like it was a story and a message that everybody needed to hear,” Wahlberg said. “If we get

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RAYMOND ARROYO’s EXCLUSIVE interview with actor/producer MARK WAHLBERG about his inspirational and very personal new film, FATHER STU, due in

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Kenneth Branagh and Ciarán Hinds: Belfast boys on growing up across the divide | Kenneth Branagh | The Guardian

The actors grew up in the same city on opposite sides of the Troubles. Here, they reflect on revisiting their

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Mel Gibson and Jim Caviezel discuss spiritual attack while filming, ‘Passion of the Christ.’ – YouTube

Story of heroic German Catholic and Italian Jew headed for the big screen – Catholic World Report

World War II movie about German commander Erich Eder and Jewish leader Alfredo Sarano will be filmed in part at

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On Good Friday, Sony Pictures Will Tell the True Story of a Catholic Priest| National Catholic Register

Father Stu was passionate in his love for God and for the people he served. On Good Friday, Sony Pictures

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