UK report finds Britons’ lack of faith knowledge deeply disturbing

To outsiders watching the leader of Britain’s established church crown its new monarch, King Charles III, in a deeply religious

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How to Evangelize an Anti-Christian Nation – YouTube

Is Christianity Credible? An Apologetics Review

A Review of Christianity Is CredibleBy Louis-Matie De Blignieres, FSVFTranslated by Thomas Crean, OPArouca Press, 2022 “This book is, unashamedly,

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Mass deliverance breaks out in theaters across the US | Entertainment News

Moviegoers flooded social media with footage of mass deliverances occuring in theaters across the United States this week after audiences

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Vietnamese converts bring others to Christmas – UCA News

Converts encouraged to invite non-Catholic relatives and neighbors to visit church on Christmas Eve. Nguyen Van Hai walked around watching

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Never Give Up On Those Who Fall Away From The Faith – Father Isaac – YouTube

Advent Conference: Lumen Gentium Ep.4 Advent IV

First broadcast Advent 2020 ✠Jerome of Selsey explores and explains the theology, themes and traditions of Advent and the Christmas season…

Growth of religious ‘nones’ appears to be slowing: Gallup | U.S. News

Americans who identify as religious unaffiliated appear to be slowing in their population growth, according to a recent analysis from

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Deathbed Conversions Reveal Rosary’s Power and Give Hope for Fallen-Away Catholics| National Catholic Register

‘You pray, you cry, you do everything you need to do, God is going to listen you,’ says Father Sebastian

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The Domestic Church: Puritas Cordis – YouTube

In this episode… “I think therefore I am” In this episode… “Purity of heart” communion as witness………

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