Quarter of 5-year-olds watch TikTok videos that ‘blur fact and fiction’

Nordic bishops issue letter affirming Church teaching on human sexuality – Catholic World Report

Bishops from the five Nordic countries have released a letter on the traditional Christian teaching on sexuality, upholding the “embodied

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Educational sleazources | Wesley Smith | The Critic Magazine

The Conservatives need to get a grip on schools… As is so often the case, our schools illuminate what happens

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Stop sex-education radicals from infiltrating schools

Real Marriage and Crime – CMF’s Dr Mark Pickering interview with Dr Tony Rucinski – YouTube

Dr Mark Pickering, an experienced GP and CEO of the Christian Medical Fellowship, regularly visits prisons and secure mental health

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St. Catherine of Sweden Prays for Those Who Have Suffered Miscarriage| National Catholic Register

Say no to the majority: Fighting for 90% of Down syndrome babies | Voice

On the surface, Sam behaves like a typical teenager. He loves music, junk food, baseball, and hanging out with friends.

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USCCB doctrinal note prohibiting transgender procedures is a welcome intervention – Catholic Herald

The Trad Wife Movement Hits The Mainstream – YouTube

The Trad Wife Movement Hits The Mainstream The Trad Wife Movement Hits The Mainstream – YouTube

Sex education means gender dysphoria is new anorexia for girls, says mother of trans former pupil

Parent believes her child’s decision to come out as trangender during the pandemic was influenced by lessons taught at school.

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