Labour MP rebuked for claiming Jesus never spoke of sexual sins | World News

A U.K. Christian group has strongly condemned Member of Parliament Chris Bryant, a former Church of England minister and homosexual,

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The Pope, the Progressives, marriage sex and sin. – YouTube

The Pope, the Progressives, marriage sex and sin. The Pope, the Progressives, marriage sex and sin. – YouTube

Teachers say NO to trans ideology lessons – YouTube

Teachers and parents held an information event at the Dáil this week, saying that explicit sex-ed proposals, including messages that

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Do Not Let Your Children Watch Sam Smith – YouTube

So Sam Smith’s new song I’m Not Here To Make Friends is gaining a lot of backlash, which is all

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What does Pope Francis really think about homosexuality and sin? – Catholic Herald

Transgender prisoner row: Scottish Prison Service pauses movement of trans inmates – YouTube

Nicola Sturgeon has BETRAYED women with Gender Recognition Bill – ‘What world do we live in?!’ – YouTube

Pope Francis clarifies comments on sin and homosexuality | Catholic News Agency

Pope Francis speaks at his general audience in Paul VI Hall on Jan. 18, 2023. | Daniel Ibanez/CNA By Hannah Brockhaus

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Jeremy Kyle: The media are terrified of the trans debate – YouTube

A transgender woman convicted of raping two women is being moved to a male prison, hours after First Minister Nicola

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Nicola Sturgeon’s trans law in disarray after rapist climbdown

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