Anxiety and depression linked to accelerated ageing of the body

Differences in biological age were largest for people with bipolar disorder, smallest for anxiety disorder and for depression was in

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Say no to the majority: Fighting for 90% of Down syndrome babies | Voice

On the surface, Sam behaves like a typical teenager. He loves music, junk food, baseball, and hanging out with friends.

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Regrets of a Trans-Care Specialist | Sara Stockton | EP 342 – YouTube

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Sara Stockton explore her past as a clinician in the field of Transgender care, how

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A tale of two children: doctors, disability and the law – Voice of the Family

The Book of Vision with Robin Monotti Graziadei – YouTube

For this special episode the Rev’d Dr Jamie Franklin was joined by Carlo Monotti Graziadei, the producer of the new

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U.S. Bishops Slam ‘Trans’ Surgeries, Warn Catholic Hospitals Not to Participate – CatholicVote org

Vaccination problems, UK Parliament – YouTube

Thanks to Mr Andrew Bridgen, MP Vaccination problems, UK Parliament – YouTube

Oli London on his struggles with identity and his new memoir: Detransition – YouTube

‘It’s almost like self-harming doing all that surgery to oneself. I’ve come out of that now and I want to

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Excess deaths, parliament questions – YouTube

MPs ask, Ministers don’t answer Excess deaths, parliament questions – YouTube

Transgender tide may be turning – Gript

In 2013, the number of children treated annually at the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital gender clinic at Oregon Health & Science University in

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