Television station rediscovers lost interview with priest who developed Big Bang theory – Catholic World Report

Vitamin D, now conclusive – YouTube

Definitive Evidence from Meta-Analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis Vitamin D, now conclusive – YouTube

Moderna EXPOSED For Hiding Data On Booster Shot – YouTube

Pfizer issue a press statement – YouTube

FDA vaccine advisers ‘disappointed’ and ‘angry’ that early data about new Covid-19 booster shot wasn’t presented for review last year | CNN

Scientists pledge to ‘de-extinct’ the dodo bird

Is there life on Mars? Nasa’s super camera spots ‘bear’s face’ on red planet


In 2020, The Economist and the World Health Organization attacked Remnant TV, among many others, for fueling an “infodemic”—creating fake

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Mayo Coroner seeks vaccine trial data from pharma giant Pfizer – Gript

Pfizer Ireland is to supply information on C19 vaccine clinical trials to a coroner ahead of an inquest in Co

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The Covid Narrative Tide is Turning – Crisis Magazine

As more information about the Covid vaccines and other media narratives are released, those of us who’ve been consigned to

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