What the Catholic Church Teaches About the Bible and Science w/ Fr. Jordan Schmidt (Aquinas 101) – YouTube

Does the Bible need to be corrected by science? How do we reconcile the differences between the Bible and science

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EVOLUTION: What the Church Teaches w/ Jimmy Akin & Gideon Lazar – YouTube

This clip was taken from a debate between Jimmy Akin and Gideon Lazar on “Young Earth Creationism” and Evolution. Watch

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How NHS consultant beat ‘campaign’ to have him struck off for ‘abortion reversals’ | Daily Mail Online

For any NHS doctor, bringing new life into the world is an extraordinary privilege. And for Dr Dermot Kearney, smiling

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Is Fine-Tuning Evidence for a Multiverse? (No) – YouTube

In this interview, I’m joined by Dr. Philip Goff, an agnostic professor, to discuss a particular fallacy of reasoning that

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War in Ukraine has exposed just how shallow the self-obsessed woke world view really is

From today’s Telegraph: Zoe Strimpel The whole edifice of identity politics has created an inward-looking delusion about what really matters…

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Modernist AUSCP attacks Lepanto Institute for defending dogma

Robert Gagnon Answers James Martin – YouTube

Robert Gagnon Answers James Martin – YouTube Robert Gagnon Answers James Martin – YouTube

The number of LGBT Americans is soaring. Why?

By Michael Cook One in five Gen Z Americans – 21 percent — identifies as LGBT, according to the latest

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Transgender permanence is a myth

If you are new to the crazy world of gender, you’ve heard that trans is something you just know. So,

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How can you fight back against Narcissistic Woke Iconoclasts intent on rewriting our history

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