War in Ukraine has exposed just how shallow the self-obsessed woke world view really is

From today’s Telegraph: Zoe Strimpel The whole edifice of identity politics has created an inward-looking delusion about what really matters…

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How can you fight back against Narcissistic Woke Iconoclasts intent on rewriting our history

Planet Normal: We’re seeing lockdown by stealth

On this week’s podcast Liam Halligan and Allison Pearson tell listeners why current rules are draconian – and it’s madness

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Dr Angelique Coetzee, South African doctor who first spotted new Omicron variant, joins Nigel Farage – YouTube

Download the GB News App to watch live wherever you are, catch up with all our shows and get the

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Synagogue where Mary Magdalene may have worshipped discovered in Israel | Crux

A 2,000-year-old synagogue has been found in what is believed to be the hometown of Mary Magdalene. Synagogue where Mary

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New ‘work from home’ guidance comes into effect: what are your rights?

Workers in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have been advised to work from home New ‘work from home’ guidance

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Doctors: Advances since Roe confirm abortion ‘takes life of unborn child’ | Crux

At 15 weeks’ gestation, a fetus responds to touch. The neurotransmitters and nerves needed to process and transmit pain signals

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Johnson addresses the nation as Covid alert level raised due to Omicron – YouTube

Boris Johnson has announced that the government is launching an emergency booster campaign to avoid a severe rise in hospitalisations

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Authoritarian Australia? Why Has Australia Reacted So Severely to Covid? – YouTube

On this week’s #SWYSI, award-winning Australian writer and lawyer Helen Dale discusses all things Australia. Why does Australia appear so

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Old Romans Unscripted: Advent III – YouTube

The Old Roman Unscripted team from both sides of the Atlantic discuss the week’s headlines, hot topics, the liturgical season and how Tradition and the witness of the Saints can still guide orthodox Catholics through the chaos and crises of the 21C!

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