Why Machines Will Never Rule the World – With Dr Jobst Landgrebe and Professor Barry Smith – YouTube

Church of England vicar Jamie Franklin sits down with eminent thinkers Jobst Landgrebe and Barry Smith to discuss the pair’s

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Musk says tackling child sexual exploitation ‘number 1 priority’ on Twitter  – Gript

Elon Musk had said that tackling child sexual exploitation content on Twitter is a “number one priority” for him. Musk

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‘Jesus Christ’ account gets verified on Twitter | U.S. News

In a report published by Business Insider, the unidentified owner of the now-verified, Jesus Christ account on Twitter revealed he

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Nasa’s Artemis spacecraft reaches the Moon

Mission controllers faced an anxious wait on Monday as they lost signal from the Orion rocket for 34 minutes during

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Holy See: Digital technology must serve the common good – Vatican News

The UN “Plenipotentiary Conference” dedicated to telecommunications in Bucharest, saw the contribution of the Holy See in the persons of

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Excess baby deaths investigation – YouTube

Review of spikes in Neonatal Mortality ordered by Scotland https://www.healthcareimprovementscot… Excess baby deaths investigation – YouTube

Carving a Gothic Finial – Carmelite Monks: Gothic Architecture – YouTube

The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming design Gothic Architecture and carve their entire monastery in the Gothic style. This video is

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War in Ukraine has exposed just how shallow the self-obsessed woke world view really is

From today’s Telegraph: Zoe Strimpel The whole edifice of identity politics has created an inward-looking delusion about what really matters…

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How can you fight back against Narcissistic Woke Iconoclasts intent on rewriting our history

Planet Normal: We’re seeing lockdown by stealth

On this week’s podcast Liam Halligan and Allison Pearson tell listeners why current rules are draconian – and it’s madness

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