Los Angeles Renames Father Junipero Serra Park, Despite Catholic Praise for Sainted Missionary| National Catholic Register

The park is walking distance from La Placita, the Church of Our Lady Queen of Angels, the city’s oldest Catholic

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Carissimi; Today’s Mass: St Luke the Evangelist

Saint Luke was born a Greek and a Gentile in Antioch, Syria. He was a physician and it is believed that he may have also been a slave, as it was not uncommon in his day for slaves to be educated in medicine so the family would have a resident physician.

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: Sunday XXI Post Pentecost

If God bas been good towards us, we must be the same towards our brethren, or how shall we escape the proceedings of the powerful creditor whose debtor the whole world is, and to whom all will have to render account. If we pardon our neighbour from the bottom of our hearts, the Master will remit our debts, otherwise He would deliver us to the executors of His justice until we have paid all we owe Him.

Turn to Favorite Titles for Mary During This Month of the Rosary| National Catholic Register

Invoking Mother Mary under favored titles can help us increase our Marian devotion, beginning this October, the Month of the

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