Rekindling Our Vocation to Repentance

We have all been there before. We fall into sin, we sincerely confess our sins in the sacrament of reconciliation,

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The Domestic Church: Puritas Cordis – YouTube

In this episode… “I think therefore I am” In this episode… “Purity of heart” communion as witness………

The kingdom of heaven is at hand: spending Advent well – Catholic Herald

“May the Lord be in your heart and help you to confess your sins with true sorrow.” What prevents us

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10 Christian Boundaries for Narcissists with Fr Dave Nix and Dr Taylor Marshall – YouTube

Father Dave Nix identifies how Narcissists use Christianity to manipulate people and 10 boundaries to keep with them to prevent

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The Cradle. The Cross. The Grave – What is a Woman Ep 05 – YouTube

In this episode, we take a look at Chapter Two of Mission and Duties of Young Women. The Cradle. The

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The Domestic Church: Cogito, ergo sum – YouTube

In this episode… “I think therefore I am” self-perception and reality…

Let us prepare to rediscover the value of waiting this Advent – Catholic Herald

Was it easier once upon a time? Did people in the past have more time for God? Were they more

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The Lost Virtue

Tradition is foundational.  It is our platform and our launching pad.  It provides the momentum that allows us to go

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The Domestic Church: verbum reconciliationis – YouTube

In this episode… “word of reconciliation” being an ambassador of Christ and His redemption…

Saving the Church Amidst Chaos?! The Old & New Standard – YouTube

The key to long-term fruit in the Church is raising the bar to expecting all Catholics to be held to

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