The End Of Irish Catholicism ?

This Monday Servant HM Films is blessed to have Fr. Brendon Kilcoyne on Fireside with Fathers. In this episode Fr.

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Douglas Murray | Love, Gratitude, and Aspiration | NatCon UK

Douglas Murray’s keynote address at the London National Conservatism Conference on May 15, 2023. Douglas Murray | Love, Gratitude, and

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Is Social Justice A Religion? – Andrew Doyle | Modern Wisdom Podcast 522 – YouTube

My Response To Those Who Are Out To Get Me – YouTube

I was Deplatformed for Retweeting Ricky Gervais. Free Speech Legislation Betrayed by Government. – YouTube

Baroness (Claire) Fox returns to the New Culture Forum to discuss the perilous state of free speech in the UK.

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The West: New Culture Forum’s 6-part series premieres Sun 26 March. Presenter Marc Sidwell discusses – YouTube

NCF Senior Fellow Marc Sidwell joined the Revd. Calvin Robinson on GB News to discuss the New Culture Forum’s new

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How To End Woke Culture | Konstantin Kisin – YouTube

Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British satirist, social commentator, and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry Youtube show. He is also the author

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The chilling truth about my cancellation

It is time we started standing up to the woke mob and saying no more, says Calvin Robinson – YouTube

Peer disinvited from university debating society over support for Ricky Gervais trans joke

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