Lockdown’s lost children: why are 10,000 pupils missing from school? | SpectatorTV – YouTube

LIVE: Donald Trump Indictment And Boris Johnson Lies | Piers Morgan Uncensored | 22-Mar-23 – YouTube

Piers Morgan presents his unmissable verdict on the day’s global events with an hour of fearless debate, straight-talking interviews with

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Bishop FIRED by Pope Francis Speaks Out! – YouTube

The Book of Vision with Robin Monotti Graziadei – YouTube

For this special episode the Rev’d Dr Jamie Franklin was joined by Carlo Monotti Graziadei, the producer of the new

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Vaccination problems, UK Parliament – YouTube

Thanks to Mr Andrew Bridgen, MP Vaccination problems, UK Parliament – YouTube

Excess deaths, parliament questions – YouTube

MPs ask, Ministers don’t answer Excess deaths, parliament questions – YouTube

David Zweig: how and why the reality of Covid was censored | SpectatorTV – YouTube

Winston speaks with Twitter files journalist David Zweig just as the Twitter files scandal goes to congress. They discuss the

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Covid origins: New genetic material from China points to raccoon dogs and other wildlife

Survey: Dramatic drop in volunteers in Dutch parishes after COVID | Crux

Excess deaths continue – YouTube

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