Inclusive Language for Vicars – Irreverend Episode 118 – YouTube

Church of England revs Jamie Franklin and Daniel French get together to put things to rights, talking all the big

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The World Over March 23, 2023 | Full Episode: EDISON’S TURNABOUT TALE, FAITH & FAMILY – YouTube

Raymond Arroyo is known for his penetrating interviews of leading news figures. His Conversations on The World Over have included

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Piers Morgan: Why Our Leaders Don’t Tell The Truth – YouTube

“You carried me through the worst time of my life”: Survey underlines need for Every Life Counts support group  – Gript

Britain’s top lawyers say they will refuse to prosecute climate activists

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: Fifth Friday in Lent

Today’s Collecta is at the Church of St. Vitus in “Macello Livice.” Station at the Church of St. Eusebius The assembly of the faithful was appointed for today at a church once called ad Lunam. During the Seventh Century, when St. Vitus was a popular Italian saint, this church received his name.

How lefty NGOs brought the Gardaí to define a ‘hate crime’ as something ‘perceived’ – Gript

The chilling truth about my cancellation

Say no to the majority: Fighting for 90% of Down syndrome babies | Voice

On the surface, Sam behaves like a typical teenager. He loves music, junk food, baseball, and hanging out with friends.

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Regrets of a Trans-Care Specialist | Sara Stockton | EP 342 – YouTube

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Sara Stockton explore her past as a clinician in the field of Transgender care, how

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