Military Veterans Targeted in Canada’s New Suicide “Healthcare” Plan – YouTube

Retired army infantryman Mark Meincke, the host of Operation Tango Romeo, the Trauma Recovery Podcast, has uncovered the shocking suicide

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‘Let Love Speak’: No One Should Die Alone| National Catholic Register

Canada is Killing it’s Citizens – YouTube

Canada is killing its own citizens with this new Euthanasia law! Doctors prescribing suicide is on the rise in Canada,

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Hungry, Poor, and Disabled Canadians Now Seeking Assisted Suicide| National Catholic Register

In March 2023, Canada will allow mental health patients with no physical ailments to seek doctor-assisted suicide. Canadian food bank

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Catholic priests could deny last rites in voluntary euthanasia backlash – The Catholic Leader

CATHOLIC priests could refuse to offer last rites to terminally ill people who end their lives with voluntary euthanasia when

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End of Life: France May Soon Follow in the Footsteps of Belgium| National Catholic Register

The French National Consultative Ethics Committee has just opened the way to ‘active assistance in dying,’ and President Emmanuel Macron

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Revealing a Belgian culture of death | Voice

Unfortunately, suicide is not only becoming increasingly acceptable, but it is also increasingly being seen as a sort of “final

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