Louise Perry: motherhood in crisis and the feminist case for marriage | SpectatorTV – YouTube

Science shows benefits of man / woman marriage – Dr Joe Malone Interview with Dr Tony Rucinski – YouTube

Joe explains how beneficial man-woman marriage is for men, women and their children. This is partly because humans “have a

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Real Marriage and Crime – CMF’s Dr Mark Pickering interview with Dr Tony Rucinski – YouTube

Dr Mark Pickering, an experienced GP and CEO of the Christian Medical Fellowship, regularly visits prisons and secure mental health

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The Trad Wife Movement Hits The Mainstream – YouTube

The Trad Wife Movement Hits The Mainstream The Trad Wife Movement Hits The Mainstream – YouTube

The Case Against the Sexual Revolution | Louise Perry | EP 331 – YouTube

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Louise Perry discuss the current state of feminism, the corruption of porn, the gray areas

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Media Panics Over ‘Dangerous’ Trad Wife Trend | Ep. 1131 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media is warning about a dangerous and perverse new trend that has taken

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Canadian Children’s Living Arrangements | Institute for Family Studies

In his 2009 book, The Marriage-Go-Round, Andrew Cherlin argues that America has a distinct family culture marked by frequent marriage, divorce,

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Evidence supporting marriage “stronger than ever” – Prof Brad Wilcox interview with Dr Tony Rucinski – YouTube

Professor W Bradley Wilcox is a leading international authority on data around marriage and the family. Director of the US

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A brief look back – YouTube

Dr Pat Fagan told us that data overwhelmingly shows on every single measure that children do best in a married

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Belinda Brown says marriage is deeply rooted in our human nature – interview with Tony Rucinski – YouTube

Belinda Brown is an increasingly popular writer and conference speaker on man-woman marriage, family, and their importance for the wellbeing

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